Will Massage Help Me Get Pregnant?

Varvara May 05 2022

Fertility massage helps support the pregnancy occuring naturally. If the desired child is a long time coming, there are natural ways to stimulate fertility. This includes, for example, the fertility massage, which is intended to help prepare the body for pregnancy. It does not replace fertility medicine, but it can support it.

What is a fertility massage?

The fertility massage was developed in the early 1990s by the London-based gynecologist Dr. Gowri Motha popularized in Europe. The alternative practitioner Joseph B. Stevenson, who was born in 1874 and worked in the USA, is regarded as its inventor. Motha is said to have achieved a success rate of 60 to 80 percent with the massage in the first year. Evidence from a study is still pending. 

A fertility massage is often used in addition to conventional fertility medicine. This also makes it difficult to provide unequivocal proof of the effectiveness of the massage. However, thanks to the holistic approach of the fertility massage, it can at least relieve some of the pressure that couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children feel, which often also stands in the way of becoming pregnant.

The massage may positively affect fertility

The fertility massage is essentially a stomach massage. Here’s how the massage works. 

First of all, the body temperature is normalized. Metabolic waste products are transported away via the lymphatic system and routed out of the body. The patient is thus detoxified and cleansed.

The mental stress that an unfulfilled desire to have children can trigger often finds physical expression in tension and blockages. These should be solved by a fertility massage and thus clear the way for conception. 

Finally, the aim of the massage is to align organs, muscles, nerves, and ligaments.

These four elements of fertility massage are designed to address issues that negatively impact fertility. These include, for example, hormonal disorders or menstrual problems, but a bent uterus can also be aligned and thus promote the woman's fertility.

Although the pregnancy massage is mainly used on women, it can also be used on men, after all, both men and women are involved in the creation of new life. In men, the prostate is treated instead of the uterus. 

If you are planning to have children, a series of six massages spaced one or two weeks apart is recommended. The actual treatment takes about 45 minutes, plus there may be preliminary and follow-up discussions. How much a fertility massage costs varies and depends entirely on your provider. 

Regardless of whether you are interested in a fertility massage as an alternative or to support traditional fertility treatment, one thing applies in any case: the pregnancy-supporting massage can not only support fertility but also leads to increased well-being in most women.


If you are having trouble conceiving, there are a variety of medical tests and procedures available to help you conceive. However, there are also various natural methods that can stimulate your fertility. In the most favorable case, massage lead to a successful pregnancy. 

However, they are also recommended in parallel with traditional medicine and can support it.