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Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

What is PEPS?

The program for early parent support (PEPS) is an intensive home visitation program for first-time parents-to-be who are at high risk. Parents who receive PEPS services develop skills to raise healthy, confident children.

PEPS helps parents during their child's transition from fetus to the infant; it can also help improve the future health of families by preventing certain social and health problems that can begin very early in life. These problems might include physical neglect, lack of emotional warmth, depression among mothers, substance abuse or domestic violence between parents.

PEPS instructors give expectant parents tools to strengthen their relationships with infants, provide information about child development and teach parenting skills to reduce stress on new parents so they can focus on providing a safe, nurturing environment for their baby.

PEPS instructors provide parents with information about their child's development and teach parenting skills to reduce stress on new parents so they can focus on providing a safe, nurturing environment for their baby.

What age group is the program aimed at? The program is designed for pregnant women between the ages of 18-35 who have no previous children so they are able to receive services before they give birth.

How does PEPS program build healthy families?

  • Social support

They provide social support to new parents, giving them confidence in their parenting abilities. They provide reassurance that all parents have questions about what it means to be a parent.

  • Emotional support

As a new parent, you might be feeling tired, overwhelmed, or stressed. You may feel worried about your child's development or having a baby with special needs. PEPS instructors are there to provide parents with the information and tools they need to succeed.

  • Parenting skills

They can help you learn how to talk, play and interact with your child in ways that build his or her language, thinking, and social skills. They give you ideas for how to encourage your child's growth at each stage of development by engaging in daily routines like feeding, bathing, reading together, and singing songs.

  • Informational support

In the current flow of information, it is hard to know what information to trust. PEPS instructors can provide parents with evidence-based instruction, which they learn through their coursework and ongoing training. This is especially important in light of the growing body of research on how the information provided before birth affects children's development.

What are the goals?

The goal of PEPS is to reduce child abuse and neglect by teaching parenting skills during the critical learning period just after a baby's birth.

The program empowers young mothers so that they develop greater confidence in their parenting abilities, acquire knowledge about child development, and strengthen their relationships with their infants.  The program builds healthy families by providing social support to new parents; emotional support for those who feel overwhelmed; assistance in acquiring parenting skills; and informational support on child development.

How does it work?

The program consists of 26 home visits from 5 to 10 months by a specially trained parent educator who provides lectures on child development, parenting skills, and support for parents. PEPS instructors also help families develop plans to overcome challenges they might face during their child's early years.

They can refer clients to other local services for additional assistance at any time. What are the benefits? There may be many benefits associated with this type of service; however, there is currently no evidence that PEPS reduces child abuse and neglect. As such, it is not possible to definitively determine the program's success or failure.

What are the limitations? PEPS instructors cannot solve all of a young parent's problems and challenges; however, they can provide information about child development and parenting skills that will help new parents succeed in providing their child with a safe, nurturing environment for his or her healthy development.

What programs does PEPS offer?

Connecting and expecting

So, for expecting parents PEPS offers a program of 6-week visits. During these visits there are classes about the stages of fetal development, labor and delivery, caring for a newborn, and parenting an older child. One parent may attend this program alone or with a partner.

uring the first week, they will discuss the preparations for baby arrival, during the second week they will speak abt health care, work, and family life. In the 3rd week, there will be discussions of self-care and anxiety disorders. During the 4th week, the parents will speak about parents` roles. And, finally, in the 5th and 6 weeks, they will discuss building a family culture.

Newborn program

For parents with babies of 6-12 months, this program would last 12 weeks. During these sessions they will speak about the new challenges of parenting at this age, how to build a family culture, children`s rights and responsibilities, self-care for parents.

Adolescent parenting program

This program was developed especially for teenagers who are already parents of babies or toddlers. This program focuses on helping teenagers balance their roles as teens and adults while raising their child/children effectively.

Each session contains lectures on topics such as healthy relationships, boundaries with peers, learning styles in children, discipline techniques, etc.. The sessions also contain interactive activities that help adolescents learn skills required for effective parenting e.g. changing diapers or feeding their baby without using cartoons or figure via demonstration from professionals.

Second time around

This program is similar to the Newborn, but it was created for parents with one or more children in the family. You will have 12 weekly visits with a PEPS instructor. The instructor will teach about the changes in the family, parenting skills, and children`s growth stages.

This program varies from traditional PEPS ones because it includes a 3-month follow-up visit which is very important for the second time around parents who have been through newborn classes already.

Baby pepper

For parents with babies 5-12 months, this program will be focused on the baby's development. During 11 weeks you will discuss the baby`s milestones, typical concerns and challenges that new parents face at this age. You will also learn about the children`s rights and responsibilities in their families.

Different needs group lessons

This program is for enrolled pregnant women with chronic medical problems e.g. Diabetes or depression etc... This PEPS instructor will meet the women throughout their pregnancy and after delivery to provide support and guidance through a special program designed to address their specific health-related needs.

Affinity program

If you want to know about your parent role, but you are not yet a parent, this program is for you. You will be able to attend all programs that our instructors offer (one activity per week). All these activities are designed to help young adults develop essential parenting skills and knowledge through lectures and group discussions.

This program is separated for:

  • Little wonders (for parents whose babies have development challenges)
  • LGBTQIA+families and caregivers
  • Single parents

Each of those programs has similar elements as any other program does, but all the topics and activities are adjusted for this specific group of parents.

PEPS for grandparents

It`s never too late! This program is designed for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren or planning to do it. During this program, our experts will discuss the challenges of being a grandparent and how to balance your role with being a parent of adult children.

This course is similar to the affinity one, but you attend weekly activities (lectures by PEPS instructors, shared meals together) where you discuss different topics related to parenting (e.g. your grandchildren`s milestones, behavior challenges, etc.. ) You will be able to meet other grandparents through these gatherings and share your experiences.

Who are PEPS leaders?

PEPS leaders are professional counselors, social workers, exercise instructors, and healthcare providers. They have been trained to offer you the best support during your experience of parenthood. They will guide you through activities that can help you improve your understanding of parenting and strategies that can work for effective parenting.

PEPS Group leaders are always available for you through phone or email. You can contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are not happy with any of PEPS activities, you have the right to change it .

How can you become a PEPS group leader?

If you would like to share your expertise with new parents, you should become one of our group instructors. Our organization offers different types of training for PEPS leaders. We are very selective about who can be a PEPS leader because we want to ensure that our participants receive the best support and guidance throughout their experience of parenting.

How does it work?

During weekly or monthly classes, you will guide new parents through different activities (e.g. games, discussions) which will help them gain confidence in their parent role. All PEPS activities are designed by professionals (child development experts, pediatricians, etc.. ) And they always include information that is related to the child`s health and safety.

All PEPS group lessons are based on four main topics:

  1. Parenting in different stages of child development e.g. newborn, toddler, preschooler, etc..
  2. Balancing work and family life when you become a parent
  3. Child`s health, well-being, and safety issues
  4. Positive parenting skills (communication, influencing children`s behavior, alternative discipline strategies)

Every class has its thematic that is adjusted to the current stage of their child`s growth. PEPS group leaders will use various activities to help parents understand these themes better! You can find more information about what each training looks like on our website.   

Who are PEPS sponsors and donors?

PEPS is offering a unique opportunity to become a sponsor. It means that you have the ability to help new parents so they can gain real parenting knowledge and skills through our programs. You`ll be able to impact their future by supporting them during this stage of their life!

You will present your company as a great place for staff building, moral support, and wellness. Catering for group lessons will also show your commitment to improving employees' family life as well as their work one.

Becoming a donor is very simple! You have an opportunity to support the program by sending your contribution via mail or an online payment system (PayPal) . All donations are welcome regardless of the amount because they allow us to improve the quality of our services!   

How much does your sponsorship or donation cost?

All contributions are appreciated! Sponsorship contribution varies depending on the level of support you would like to give. The minimum amount required from sponsors is $50 per class.   

What kind of benefits do you offer to sponsor\donor?

As a sponsor, you will receive an acknowledgment letter for your generosity in the shape of acknowledgment on our website in the sponsors' section. You`ll be able to use this letter when you apply or send your company donation receipts. We also invite you to attend PEPS events where you can connect with new parents and learn about their experiences.

All contributions are appreciated! Acknowledgment letters on our website in the donors' section, special participation in PEPS events, and connecting with new parents are some of them.

PEPS Community events

This organization is always looking forward to creating new opportunities for parents and supporters. We are organizing family events that are open to all who are interested in supporting our program! By participating, you will have the opportunity to meet new parents, learn about their experience, enjoy refreshments with other sponsors\donors and communicate with PEPS group leaders!

We also encourage monthly donations. This is a great way for regular contributors to make a difference. You can set up an amount you wish to donate every month or change it according to your budget. It`s up to you but remember that even small contributions can make a huge impact on total program expenses!

Bottom line

PEPS is a local organization that offers unique support to new parents. Our programs raise awareness of child`s health and safety issues, give parents the necessary knowledge and skills. We invite all who are interested in supporting new families to join our team! Please don`t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or your contribution hasn`t been included in your sponsorship!