Conceptionmoons: Can a Vacation Help You Get Pregnant?

Varvara May 05 2022

As many couples know, it often takes more than one romantic night to conceive a baby. The reasons for the long wait - a year or more are not uncommon - are diverse and often complicated, but one of the reasons is known to almost everyone: stress.

Could a short vacation, a.k.a, conceptionmoon, help you get pregnant? Many couples believe in this and plan a trip like this to recharge their relationship and enjoy being together in a relaxed manner – with the small ulterior motive that pregnancy will be easier in this atmosphere.

In the USA, fertility holidays have been very popular for a long time. A survey of more than 1,000 American BabyCenter mothers revealed that such a trip actually resulted in pregnancy in as many as 40 percent! A similar survey of UK BabyCenter mothers found an 18 percent success rate.

Why does a vacation help get pregnant?

Stress could prevent conception because it can impair the functioning of the hypothalamus. This section of the diencephalon regulates appetite and emotions, among other things. But it is also responsible for sexual and reproductive behavior with the help of various hormones. 

So if you and/or your partner are feeling stressed, you may also be less interested in sex and otherwise have less intercourse - which obviously isn't exactly helpful for conception. Prolonged stress could also change your hormone levels, which can delay or even prevent ovulation.

Holidays mean relaxation, so the idea of ​​escaping the stress for a few days makes perfect sense, with the hope that this will increase your chances of having a baby.

What is the best way to spend your vacation to get pregnant?

Before booking, think about where you can relax best: by the sea, in the country, on a city break or maybe in the mountains. It doesn't matter that you drive very far away or spend a lot of money on the trip. The only important thing is that you can relax at your holiday destination. Then look on the calendar to see which time is good - i.e. when you will ovulate.

Pack the thermometer if you want to track your basal body temperature—or leave all those tools at home if they start to make you feel stressed again. If you already have children, organize childcare for them. If grandmother or grandfather keeps asking you for more grandchildren, they are the first choice as a caregiver!

Leave the stress at home. Don't use your cell phone, resist the temptation to check your e-mails in the hotel - and if you can't do without your cell phone at all, at least turn it off most of the time.

And then: Relax: have a lie-in, treat yourself to a nice meal, and enjoy being with your partner—both in and out of bed.

What to do if you can't take a vacation to get pregnant?

Try to reduce stress with the help of exercises like yoga, meditation, or long walks in the countryside.

At the same time, you should try to spend more time with your partner. A nice meal for two, maybe a day together just for the two of you... And when the time of ovulation approaches, you could also spend a night in a hotel in your vicinity!